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Our contribution

We support various organisations that provide emergency humanitarian aid in Ukraine and its neighboring countries, as well as promoting the integration of refugees in host countries.

War in Ukraine

The international armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine has driven millions of people to flee their homes and represents the largest humanitarian crisis in Europe since World War II.


Humanitarian Aid

Help for those in need

Humanitarian aid means supporting people in life-threatening emergencies and ensuring their survival. Humanitarian crises are triggered by natural disasters, violent conflicts such as wars and pandemics. The scale and number of humanitarian crises has also increased in recent years due to climate change.


When those affected cannot help themselves and they are left with nothing as a result of a disaster, humanitarian aid is essential for survival. It includes essentials such as food, drinking water and safe shelter, as well as access to medical, legal support and reconstruction efforts. People who find themselves in acute emergency situations have a right to protection, support, respect for their human rights and a life of dignity.


We support organisations that are able to provide effective humanitarian assistance in crisis situations by being well established on the ground or having a local network of partners.

Our contribution

We supported several preventive and economic hardship relief efforts for affected people in Bangladesh, India, Kenya, Madagascar, Uganda, and Switzerland. In Uganda, outdoor education ("flying teachers") was also supported as the lockdown of schools lasted for 2 years.

Corona pandemic

Poverty-stricken people in Africa, Asia and Latin America were hit hardest by the Corona crisis. Millions of children and young people in developing countries were unable to access school material due to school closures, as homeschooling was not an option.


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