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The Linsi Foundation is a charitable Swiss foundation. The foundation's assets are based on the economic success of Belimo Holding AG. The founders' conviction to put the common good before self-interest forms the foundation's bedrock.

 A charitable Swiss foundation

Working for the common good

Every year, the foundation finances initiatives with amounts totaling double-digit millions. Its entrepreneurial roots are reflected in the foundation's working methodology. The principles of EKS (bottleneck-focused strategy), which have led to Belimo's success, are also intended to strengthen the impact of the projects it supports.

The focus is on empowering partners and beneficiaries to achieve the development of helping people to help themselves with the greatest possible benefit.

We empower disadvantaged people to sustainably improve their living conditions

The Linsi Foundation provides support, promotes, and facilitates knowledge transfer and specialises in the strategic development of partners and joint programs. As a foundation, we specialize, we scale-up with collaboration and connect the entire impact chain. We achieve this with a clear, structured, and transparent organisation that sharpens our focus and counteracts fragmentation. Our goal is more depth, more impact! The achieved impact and justice of the beneficiaries is the measure of our success.

Our value creation model serves as a guide for how we think about the issues most relevant to us and our stakeholders. Shared commitment to greater equity, credibility, responsibility and reliability shapes our behaviour. That's why the Foundation sees its culture of trust as the centerpiece of its value creation model, enabling us to deliver more value to our partners than they expect. Our focus is on impact for beneficiaries. The three pillars that drive to success are operational excellence, solution advantage and added value for our partners.

Teaching values for a peaceful coexistence

Ethical values are of great importance to us. Value orientations are fundamental for human action and interaction.

For the founders it is of great significance that society develops ethical awareness and that people do not act selfishly but think of the common good and act in a responsible way accordingly. This will lead to positive behavioral changes in people's lives.

Recognizing the importance of ethics in everyday life and understanding each other is important to us and we therefore promote initiatives that contribute to a better world, justice, sustainability and peace.

A world with more justice, sustainability, peace, and joy of life

The consistent implementation of our mission not only enables more impact for the beneficiaries, but also the successful mission for the foundation, success for our partners as well as more justice for society.

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