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Our Commitment

We are internationally committed as well as in the region of our foundation's origin. 

Around 40 disabled people make the Brunegg Foundation their home, living in various forms of accommodation, depending on their needs.

Domestic workers in El Salvador usually live and work under the most precarious conditions. In order for them to be able to stand up for their rights, competent authorities, sensitisation of the workers and effective representation are needed.

Improve livelihoods  and living conditions of rural communities by promoting access to clean water and sanitation, and strengthening educational quality, health, and economic status.

One of the most pressing challenges of our time is to deal with the earth in a way that preserves an environment worth living in for us and future generations.

We empower disadvantaged people to improve their lives in a sustainable way.

Acting for the common good

Our Focus

Based on our foundation's purpose, we concentrate on the following focus topics:

Humanitarian Aid

We support organisations that are able to provide effective humanitarian aid in crisis situations by being well established on the ground or having a local network of partners.

Our Foundation

As a charitable Swiss foundation, the values of the founders form the foundation of our work. The family, foundation members and employees are and shape the identity of our commitments. We work with our partners and focus on their strengths, which are the most promising for the beneficiaries.

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