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2022 - 2023

Dignified working conditions

El Salvador is characterised by violence, unemployment and great inequality. The already precarious economic and social conditions have deteriorated further in recent years, and poverty has risen sharply.


Young people and the many people who work in the informal sector are particularly affected. Many of them work without a contract, minimum wage or social benefits. When they claim their rights, the processes take a long time, judgements in favour of the workers are not carried out or the compensation is very low.


In a more just world, all people should be able to live self-determinedly from decent work. With the programme "Work in Dignity", our project partner Brücke Le Pont wants to improve the structural framework conditions to enable people in difficult living and working conditions to strengthen their professional skills, to claim their labour and human rights and to earn a living wage.


The project "Trabajo justo" aims to contribute to the strengthening and better enforcement of labour rights in El Salvador. Many workers are exploited at work and experience physical or psychological violence. They and all the domestic workers and homeworkers are largely invisible to the public, do not know their rights and have no political representation. In order for those affected to be able to stand up for themselves and their rights, competent competent bodies, awareness-raising and effective representation by a professional trade union are needed. The union works closely with the Salvadoran Attorney General's Office and works to ensure that unenforced sentences for labour rights violations are enforced.


Direct beneficiaries
2,240 people (of whom around 1,400 are women).
Most of the project participants are women and come from precarious social and economic backgrounds. They have a low level of school education and live in the poor neighbourhoods of the San Salvador metropolitan region.
Indirect beneficiaries
Around 6,700 family members, 48,000 workers annually through campaigns and 30,000 workers who appeal to the Attorney General's Office.


Training for the Office of the Attorney General

One of the main components of the present project is to strengthen the services of the Office of the Attorney General through targeted training and education for employees. In order to sensitise 540 employees of the Office of the Attorney General about various forms of discrimination and violence in the workplace, the project team conducts seminars, workshops, forums, etc.


The courses are designed in advance. For the elaboration of the courses, the most important weak points of several departments of the Office of the Attorney General were identified in advance. The aim of the training courses is to improve the efficiency and quality of services provided to workers as well as the success of legal negotiations.


Brücke Le Pont, Fribourg

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