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2016 – ongoing

Ethics in higher education

Globethics is a network of teachers and institutions with the vision to embed ethics in higher education. Globethics strives for a world in which people, and especially leaders are educated in, informed by and act according to ethical values and thus contribute to building sustainable, just, and peaceful societies.


The founding conviction of Globethics is that having equal access to knowledge resources in the field of applied ethics enables individuals and institutions to develop and transition economies to become more visible and audible in the global discourse.


Ethical leadership for a just, inclusive and sustainable world.


Equipping individuals and institutions for ethical thinking, decision-making and action through higher education and policy engagement from cross-cultural and global perspectives.


Globethics aims at achieving transformative change with its global network of higher education institutions and thought leaders, integrating applied ethics at the heart of the academic activity and the global policy dialogue, leading to innovative ethical solutions, especially for environmental justice, digital and emerging technologies, inclusive peace, and responsible governance.


Globethics has developed four programmes to support integrating ethics in institutions and to enable teachers, students, and those in the professions to make values-based decisions and to apply ethics in their day-to-day work and studies:
  • Ethics for Institutions Programme
  • Ethics for Teachers Programme
  • Ethics for Students Programme
  • Ethics for Professions Programme


Respect for diversity

“Globethics’ added value is its respect for diversity. I chanced upon the Academy’s Responsible Leadership programme on the internet and it connected me to Globethics, where I have been amazed by the wide educational offer. As well as the online course, I have found the library collections, journals, and publications incredibly useful, not to mention the opportunity to connect with peers from diverse backgrounds on the course and especially in the live sessions. For me, Globethics’ added value is its respect for diversity. This is something that you feel in every aspect of the organisation.

Amongst all the important knowledge I gained in doing the Responsible Leadership course, I learned that integrity, competency, and impartiality must be the basic values of professionalism and leadership. Putting this learning into practice is a priority for me. As a youth leader, I seek to translate these ethical values into my line of work and serve as a model for other young professionals, particularly from Africa.

Ethics in higher education is an important topic for me, not only on the basis of my leadership development as a youth advocate for climate action but also as leverage in my capacity as a master's student. ”

Josh Dotse

Youth Advocate for Climate Action, Ghana


Reproduced with permission from the Globethics Annual Report 2021, p.10


Globethics is a worldwide ethics network of people based in Geneva, with an international board of foundation and with ECOSOC status with the United Nations.

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