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2016 – ongoing

Family focused village development

The India Programme (FFVDP- Family focused village development programme) supports efforts to sustainably improve the lives of marginalised people in three States of India, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Tamil Nadu.


These include indigenous communities known as Adivasis or Dalits, and tribal communities whose needs and rights have been neglected for decades.


The vision of the Family Focused Village Development Programme (FFVDP) is to empower these vulnerable people to not only grow and develop into strong self-sustaining communities but to empower them to claim their rights.


The family focused village development programme (FFVDP) has emerged from more than a 10-year innovation process led by the Linsi Foundation. In collaboration with local partners, a leading village development programme was developed.

The integrated approach addresses six issues that are interlinked – health, household care, leadership, ethics and values, education, earnings and finance.


The programme impacts the lives of approximately 4,000 families located in 68 villages across Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Tamil Nadu and is implemented by local partner organisations.


Program for school children

These school children take part in tutoring organised in their village. In addition to studying school subjects in depth, emphasis is also placed on joint sports activities. The extracurricular program supports social and cognitive development, physical health, and provides a safe and supportive environment for the children.


Directorate India in cooperation with Indian non-governmental organisation

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