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Practical training

Very few young people in Madagascar, especially in rural areas, succeed in entering the world of work.


The project regions of Diana and Analamanga are severely affected by unemployment and there are few economic actors. Therefore, creating perspectives is particularly relevant: Young entrepreneurship enables important opportunities.


By learning professional skills and life skills, disadvantaged young women and men in remote rural areas can take up paid work and increase their income. They also improve their living situation and increase their social engagement.


With short, practical and demand-oriented training courses, the young women and men are educated in the fields of agriculture, textiles and clothing, tourism and hotel business, information and communication technology as well as building and construction.

Together with local actors, the need for workers in the respective industries was determined. The training courses take place at their places of residence and are based on their availabilities.

Helvetas works with local private and public training partners. To ensure that they not only train the young people but also integrate them successfully in the job market, the training providers only receive part of the compensation for the courses provided once a defined proportion of the trained young men and women are actually having a suitable paid employment.


235 young people are now employed or self-employed. 
The project has helped to improve the job market and professional opportunities for young people in the rural project areas.
In addition, the young people have gained more self-confidence and the strong involvement of young women has softened traditional gender roles.



The mechanic and welder Willy Robeldino ANDRIANJARA is self-employed since his training and passes on his knowledge to apprentices as a trainer. The 20-year-old young man says: "I simply enjoy helping other young people to move on."

Copyright images: Felana RAJAONARIVELO

Specialty solar power

25-year-old Arnaud Soatra from the village of Amboboka in Madagascar specializes in solar power and brings electricity to people who have not had access to it until now.

Succssful business

The young couple Chance and Gamin have improved their lives significantly thanks to their training provided by the project. She works as a dressmaker and he as a cook and welder. They met during their apprenticeship and have a successful business. Chance is known throughout the village as a tailor and Gamin wants to open his own restaurant.

Apprenticeship completed

Berlicia Gaëlla Zara, 20 years old, did the apprenticeship as a welder and mechanic in Bemaneviky.


Helvetas, Zürich

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